The name speaks for itself

Founded in 2014 by Cody Collins, Intelligent Grind is a distinguished creative collective and independent events promoter in Texas. We produce events and promote music we are passionate about and sell custom merchandise.


It all started when the founder realized he was passionate about producing events and helping support artists that he believed in. The passion for the music motivated him to organize a team of like-minded creatives to help build the brand. The focus for the platform would be all about music discovery, supporting new artists, event productions, and selling custom merchandise.

That brand would soon become popular and known in the state of Texas for being the innovators of identifying and booking new artists early that would later go on to see mainstream success.

The team insists that hospitality shown to artists, fans, managers and booking agents is the signature ingredient for their success. The reputation began to speak for itself as the brand established relationships with top music agencies, corporate sponsors, and popular music venues.

Since the launching Intelligent Grind has established vibrant music communities in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio Texas.

Dallas – 2014 Top Five Talent Buyer Award – Click here